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Flight Control
8.88/10 from 12 reviews

Assassin’s Creed
7.96/10 from 11 reviews

Need for Speed Undercover
8.60/10 from 11 reviews

Terminator Salvation
8.37/10 from 11 reviews


6.75/10 from 9 reviews

Prey Invasion
6.73/10 from 9 reviews

Zen Bound
9.67/10 from 9 reviews

9.10/10 from 13 reviews

Sites I used include:
Pocket Gamer, IGN, 148 Apps, iPhone Games Network, Slide To Play, Video Gamer, AppVee and Macworld.
Tomorrow I will be posting the scores for Doom Resurrection, Real Racing, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Rolando 2.


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  • feltzem: Thanks! I'll eventually be moving to a proper domain name once I put up enough scores for games. I'll try to aggregate scores for at least 10 games a
  • james rogers: Finally someone who puts up different iPhone games. I have been looking for some new ones!